Honu'apo owns Honu'apo I (H1) and Honu'apo Facilities Services (HFS). 

     These subsidiaries provide facilities support services to military,

     government and private clients.  Services include:


*    Construction

*    Maintenance

*    Trash removal

*    Food waste disposal


     As an 8(a) company owned by a Native Hawaiian Organization,

     H1 and Honu'apo FS has certain procurement privileges:


*    Receive sole source contracts from the Department of Defense

    in any amount, regardless of dollar value

*    Able to do direct conversions of Department of Defense functions without needing to undergo the OMB A-76 circular


     Profits from our 8(a) subsidiary support our community service programs.





Honu'apo * 3569 Harding Ave Suite C * Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Phone (808) 544-9000 * Fax (808) 544-9001 * kkado@honuapo.com