Honu‘apo is a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) whose mission is to support and preserve the health of Native Hawaiians and the Hawai‘i community at large.


Honu‘apo’s first program serving its mission was Keiki Ola Pono, a nutrition education program for preschool-aged children and their families that encouraged participants to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables — especially locally grown produce. This program was provided at no charge at preschools on the leeward coast of O‘ahu.

Because of the success of our subsidiaries, Honu‘apo was able to grow.

Although we are still focused primarily on improving Native Hawaiian health through good nutrition, we have been able to expand our reach, and broaden our definition of “health” — not just the physical health of the individual, but also the economic, educational, and cultural health of the greater community. We proudly partner with carefully selected nonprofit groups throughout the State of Hawai‘i to support programs that are aligned with our mission.


Phone: (808) 544-9000


Kendis Kado, President

Email: kkado@honuapo.com


Kai Hobbs, Chief Financial Officer

Email: khobbs@honuapo.com



Kel Kado

Kory-Jo Kado-Fukuda


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