Teaming with
Kekolu Contracting

Kekolu Welcomes Teaming Opportunities
with Large and Small Businesses.

Why Team Up?

Successful teaming arrangements help contracting companies complement each other’s unique capabilities and offer the Government the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery (FAR 9.602). Kekolu offers valuable teaming benefits for both large and small businesses.

Benefits for Large Businesses

Kekolu is an SBA-certified 8(a) small disadvantaged business and an experienced federal construction company with a proven, reliable and professional staff.

When you team with Kekolu, you get a teaming partner that can offer:

  • SBA-certified status to meet your small and disadvantaged business subcontracting goals
  • highly-rated past performance in commercial and industrial construction, IDIQ, Design-build, SABER, and Job Order Contracting
  • well-qualified subcontracting support in general and commercial subcontracting in many NAICS codes
  • strong financial and bonding resources
  • access to $100 Million direct awards (see below)

Benefits for Small Businesses

Drawing on its own, as well as its predecessor companies’ past performance, Kekolu has a wealth of federal contracting experience to share with other small businesses through formal or informal teaming relationships. These relationships can take the form of joint ventures or subcontracting opportunities that leverage each of the company’s capabilities. We bring actual experience with joint venture and teaming relationships, making the opportunity a positive and successful experience for other small businesses.

Joint Venture Capability

Current SBA regulations allow small businesses to form joint ventures in order to pursue competitively-bid 8(a) contract opportunities without applying to or receiving approval from the SBA. Kekolu welcomes contract teaming opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

Access to $100 Million Direct Awards

Based on its unique NHO-owned status, Kekolu also offers sole-source solutions to federal contracting offices in need of fast, flexible and customizable direct award contracts up to $100 million per award (click here for more information). Large and small businesses can access Kekolu’s sole source benefits as legitimate subcontractors to Kekolu.

Contact Us

As you consider federal contracting opportunities for your large or small business, please also consider Kekolu as a potential teammate. Kekolu welcomes the opportunity to form meaningful and beneficial relationships to complement your company’s capabilities and to offer the Government the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery.


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